Which Casio watch should I purchase?

Which Casio watch should I purchase? 

When it comes to Casio watches, the G-Shock version is the most popular one. However, there are many non-G-Shock versions of Casio worth looking into as well. So, which Casio watch should you purchase, exactly? In this article, we will take a look at some G-Shock as well as non-G-Shock variants for your reference.

Introduction to Casio

Almost everyone would agree that Casio does not need an introduction. However, did you know that Casio was founded in April 1946 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan? Casio is a leading brand that changed the electronics world completely. They were the first ones who introduced a compact electrical calculator to the world in 1957.

They are popular for products such as calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic musical instruments, and of course, watches. Analogue and digital watches, both! And even today, this name is highly revered in the industry.

Why are Casio watches so popular?

In addition to the long, successful history that Casio bears, their watches are actually well-made and of high quality. Their G-shock range is very popular for its shock-resistant and water-resistance technology and they also excel well in the aesthetic standards. Take a look at this G-Shock watch below and you will understand!

A flashy, sporty look would entice anyone and this watch knows it. But looks are not everything and hence, this watch takes a step ahead to boast its ultra-durability and water and shock resistance—a perfect watch for athletes and adventurers!

While the G-Shock variant is the most popular one, non-G-shock watches almost boast almost the same durability as the G-shock ones. They are simpler in look, have fewer features in general, and may not have as much durability (water resistance or shock resistance) to them, but they are worth mentioning.


Best Casio G-Shock Watches in 2022

If you are looking forward to purchasing a Casio G-Shock watch in 2022, we would recommend the following.

  1. Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1

The first on our list is this classic Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A1. This watch boasts the big case design of G-shock while incorporating features like a 1/1000 second stopwatch, 20BAR water resistance, magnetic resistance, and more. And look at that classic, plain black design with an attention to detail that is second to none.

The GA-100 series comes with may variants and their prices may vary based on their designs or features.

Let’s see what this classic G-Stock watch has in store for us:

  • Shock and Magnetic Resistance.
  • 200m Water Resistance.
  • Auto LED Light with Afterglow.
  • World Time, featuring 29 time zones (Cities and UTC), daylight saving, and Home-World time swapping.
  • 1/1000 Second Stopwatch with standard stopwatch functions and extended measuring capacity (99:59'59.999").
  • Countdown Timer with a maximum range of 24 hours and standard countdown timer settings.
  • Full auto-calendar, pre-programmed till 2099.
  • 12/24 Hours Format.
  • CR1220 Battery with an average battery life of 2 years.
  • Dimensions: 55.0 x 51.2 x 16.9mm
  • Weight: 70g

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  1. Casio G-Shock G-100BB-1ADR

Now wear the fancy G-Shock brand on your wrist without poking a hole in your pocket. Casio's G-Shock G-100BB-1ADR watch boasts a monochromatic matte black design with finer cuts and shapes that would go very well on a fine wrist like yours. This Ana-Digi watch boasts a classic, attractive design of dial, hands, and the frame; a perfect watch for those who do not like seeing crowded information on their watch.

This watch is basically a part of the GA-100 series but downgraded for affordability without any loss of quality.

Let's see what this sleek casual watch has in its store for you.

  • Resin Case and Bezel Material; also features a Resin band.
  • Magnetic and Shock Resistance.
  • 20BAR water resistance.
  • Electro-luminescent backlight and afterglow.
  • 1/100 second stopwatch with standard stopwatch functions.
  • Full Auto-Calendar programmed till the year 2099.
  • Daily Alarm.
  • 12/24 hour format.
  • Regular Timekeeping.
  • Analogue: 2 hands featuring hour and minute. The minute hand moves every 20 seconds.
  • The Digital part features hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day.
  • Features CR2016 battery with an average life expectancy of 3 years.

Compared to the first G-Shock watch in the article, you can clearly notice that this watch has fewer features. However, it makes up for it with its affordable prices. If you are looking forward to getting one in South Africa, just follow the link!

  1. Casio G-Shock GST-S110-1ADR Watch

Ah yes, if you are looking for something that can give you the 'love at first sight' feeling, then look at this watch. Casio's G-Shock (and G-Steel) boasts a superior protective design with fine attention to detail. This G-Steel watch features a new layer guard structure, adding an extra layer of shock resistance to make the watch more durable to wear and tear.

This watch is truly a marvel of metallurgy, expressing the hardness and beauty of stainless steel—making it incredibly durable. Not to mention how fine this watch just is, loaded with tons of accurate and useful features.

  • Markers and Hands are made with a Neobrite solution.
  • Features an excellent and efficient combination of stainless steel and resin for the frame, resin for the body.
  • 20 Bar water resistance. Also features highly durable shock resistance (obviously!).
  • Double LED light for better and easy readability. You can manually set how they function.
  • Solar-powered watch. The batteries recharge with solar energy for maximum operationality.
  • World time features 31 time zones with a daylight saving feature.
  • 1/100 second stopwatch with a standard stopwatch functionality.
  • 5 different daily alarms can be set. 
  • Hand-shift feature: Hands move out of the way to provide an unobstructed view of digital display contents.
  • Power-saving: The display turns off if the screen is left in the dark.
  • Full auto-calendar with years up to 2099.
  • 12/24-hour format.
  • Regular timekeeping.
  • Dimensions: 59.1 x 52.4 x 16.1mm
  • Weight: 108g
  • White LED.

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Best Non-G-Shock Casio Watches in 2022

Non-G-Shock variants deserve equal attention too and this article is going to give it to some of them! Let's see some of the most affordable, stylish, and durable Casio watches in this section.

  1. Casio MQ24L-1B2 Analogue Watch

Let's begin this journey with a classic MQ24L-1B2 watch. This watch has served us for generations and it still goes strong. Casio Quartz has been a trustworthy name for affordable, sleek, and durable watches. Look at that classic dial, those gold-plated, sleek hands... a true classic right here!

This watch is a part of the Casio MQ-24 series and there are four different variants available. Feel free to browse our website for more information.

Let's see what this watch has in its pocket for us!

  • The whole watch is made of Resin, including glass.
  • 1 Bar water resistance—perfect for daily uses.
  • Regular timekeeping with an accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per month.
  • 100% analogue watch.
  • The battery lasts around 3 years on the SR626SW battery.
  • Size: 38.8 x 34.9 x 7.8mm
  • Weight: 20g

For more information on this product, please visit this product page.

  1. Casio MRW-200H Analogue Watches

Yet another sleek Quartz design from Casio, now available in the Men and Ladies variant. Unlike the previous watch, the bold feature of this watch is the 10 Bar water resistance. Not only that, but look at those fine cuts, that shape, that fine attention to detail... this watch definitely boasts CLASS!

 And right, the ladies' variant of this watch is this way! Make sure you check it out!

Let's see some cool specifications about this watch!

  • The main attraction is the 10 Bar water resistance at such an affordable cost.
  • Features rotating bezel and a day/date display.
  • The material used: 100% Resin.
  • Regular timekeeping with an accuracy of +/-20 seconds per month.
  • 100% Analogue watch.
  • Lasts 3 years on average on SR626SW battery.
  • Dimensions: 47.9 x 44.6 x 11.6mm
  • Weight: 39g

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  1. Casio Sporty Digital AE-1000WD-1AVDF

Casio's 1000WD-1AVDF features a very fine, sleek frame design of Resin and a band of Stainless Steel. The main attraction of this watch is the telememo mode, where you can store up to 30 sets of data. Even though this is impractical in the contemporary world, this is still a cool feature to note.

This watch packs a punch with its features. Let's see what they are!

  • 5 Bars water resistance.
  • The case/bezel material is 100% Resin while the band is made of stainless steel. The glass is resin as well.
  • Features one-touch three-fold clasp.
  • LED Lights and afterglow.
  • Telememo with the memory capacity of 30 sets of data.
  • World time, featuring 30 cities and 29 time zones with daylight saving features.
  • 1/100 seconds stopwatch with standard stopwatch functions.
  • 3 independent daily alarms.
  • Hourly time signal.
  • Full auto-calendar programmed till the year 2099.
  • Accuracy of +/-30 seconds per month.
  • Boasts a battery life of 10 years with a CR2025 Battery.
  • Dimensions: 46.2mm x 38.6 x 14.1mm
  • Weight: 85g

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These are our 2022 recommendations for Casio watches. They are popular for their designs and extreme durability and longevity. We have a diverse variety in brands—there's something for everyone here!

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