Connoisseurs Jewellery Cleaning Wipes

R 399.00

World Leader in Jewellery & Silver Beauty Care Connoisseurs is the global market leader in jewellery care, with its brand established in over 60 nations throughout the world, from North America to Europe to Asia.

Conveniently packaged in an easy-to-open compact, Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes make it easy to clean gold and silver jewellery anywhere.

The 25 dry, disposable and Non-Toxic wipes contain an anti-tarnish shield to help your jewellery retain its lustre. The dry wipes allow for multiple cleans with one wipe. Cleans jewellery which is Rhodium Plated, Gold Plated and Oxidised.


1. Remove 1 dry, disposable wipe from compact.

2. Gently rub your gold or silver jewellery. The wipe will instantly shine your gold jewellery and remove any tarnish from your silver jewellery.

3. Also excellent for polishing watches.

Note: Excess rubbing may create excess residue on hands and jewellery. If so, wipe jewellery with a damp soft cloth.


- Anti-tarnish Shield

- Multiple cleans with one wipe

- Cleans all jewellery that is Rhodium, Gold plated and oxidised

- Non-toxic


- 1 x 25 Wipes

- Perfect for Gold, Silver, Platinum & Gemstones

- Excellent for watches

What's in the box
1 x 25 Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes

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